Why the Watchtower Society Will Remain a christian CULT,

 and Will Never Become a christian denomination.


 1. Teaching that true Christianity is an organization -- the WatchTower Society -- instead of a way of life for individuals.

 2. Teaching that salvation is dependent upon being a follower of the WatchTower Society, i.e, being a member of the Jehovah's Witnesses.

 3. Teaching that the WatchTower Society is controlled by and speaks for Jehovah, thereby equating the organization with God himself.

 4. Centralizing authority in the WatchTower Society, instead of allowing Christ to be the head over each individual Christian.

 5. Teaching that the "faithful and discreet slave" is the "Governing Body" of the WatchTower Society, rather than the class of  true Christians who show themselves to be responsible and obedient to Christ.

 6. Teaching that scattered early Christian congregations were governed by a "Governing Body" in Jerusalem.

 7. Teaching that Jesus Christ selected the WatchTower Society as His sole earthly representative and true church in 1919.

 8. More specifically, teaching that the "Governing Body" of the WatchTower Society is God's channel and prophet.

 9. Putting more importance and emphasis on WatchTower literature than God's Word, the Holy Bible.

 10. Regularly and routinely using Bible texts out of context in order to support the WatchTower Society's man-made doctrines and procedures.

 11. Teaching for more than 50 years that Jesus Christ had "invisibly" returned in 1874, before then changing the date to 1914.

12. Teaching that Jerusalem and its Temple were destroyed in 607 BCE, when no historical records confirm this, and the actual date is believed by nearly all historians to be 587 BCE. (Historians believe that the Babylonians first placed Jerusalem and Judea under its governance around 606 BCE, returned to reassert its authority around 597 BCE, and finally put an end to continuing rebellion in 587/6 BCE. At each instance, treasure and human hostages -- including Daniel, Jeremiah, Shadrach, Meshach, etc -- were taken back to live in Babylon. Of course, the last trip was taken to the extreme.)

 13. Falsifying the fact that Charles Russell had predicted since 1877 that 1914 would mark the end of that world system, and the beginning of the Millennium, and claiming that "Pastor" Russell had accurately predicted the start of World War I.

 14. Teaching that 1914 marked a significant "increase" in earthquakes, famines, crime, civil unrest, natural disasters, etc., using greatly improved "reporting" of such as its "evidence".

 15. Teaching that the United Nations is the "wild beast" of Revelation, and that religions which do business with the United Nations are "Babylon the Great, all while the WatchTower Society was registered as an official NGO with the United Nations, and was using such status for favors and influence with U.N. agencies around the globe. As part of the U.N.'s required bi-annual renewal process, the WatchTower Society published articles in its magazines, and distributed such worldwide, which favorably portrayed humanitarian activities of the United Nations.  

16. Teaching that it is "sinful" to celebrate Father's Day, Mother's Day ("Honor Thy Father and Mother"), Thanksgiving (lack of thanksgiving being one of mankind's most prevalent sins), religious holidays (which Christians easily can celebrate biblically if they so desire), and anyone's birthday (again, which Christians easily can celebrate biblically if they so desire).

17. Teaching that Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, King David, and other faithful men and women of old are not among the holy ones who will rule along with Jesus Christ in his Kingdom.

18. Teaching that the Jewish nation will never again be Jehovah's chosen people, who now are the "Jehovah's Witnesses" of the WatchTower Society.

19. Teaching that the unfulfilled prophecies relating to the Jewish people will instead be received in the near future by the "Jehovah's Witnesses" of the WatchTower Society.

20. Teaching that the Scriptures are addressed directly only to the "144,000" boound for heaven.

21. Teaching that only the "144,000" will be "born again".

22. Teaching that the unnumbered, much larger "great crowd" of all other Christians are not begotten or anointed by the Holy Spirit; nor are "sons of God"; nor are members of the "bride of Christ".

23. Teaching that Jesus Christ is NOT the mediator between God and the "great crowd" of Revelation.

24. Teaching that the resurrection of the "144,000" precedes the resurrection of the "other sheep", and that it began in 1918 (previously 1878, 1881, 1914).

25. Teaching that only the "144,000" will receive immortality when resurrected.

26. Teaching that only those professing to be members of the "144,000" should partake of the bread and the wine at the WatchTower Society's annual "Memorial".

27. Teaching and enabling 99.99% of all attendees at the WatchTower Society's annual "Memorial" to individually REJECT the two emblems which represent the body and blood sacrificed by mankind's Savior.

28. Teaching that the "spiritual food" provided by the WatchTower Society comes directly from the "anointed remnant", when nearly all the writers of WatchTower publications are members of the "other sheep".

29. Teaching that every other christian-professing denomination secretly is part of Satan's Babylon the Great. 

30. Teaching that "true Christians" -- Jehovah's Witnesses -- should not read any biblical-spiritual literature which was not published  by the "only true religion" -- the WatchTower Society.

31. Forbidding Jehovah's Witnesses to attend services of other christian-professing denominations if the JW attendee does so either approvingly, or with direct or indirect "participation" of any kind. 

32. Teaching that the WatchTower Society has done more to protect its children from child molesters than any other organization on planet earth.

33. Teaching that the WatchTower Society maintains higher moral, ethical, and legal standards for its members than any other religion, or other organization, on planet earth, which results in Jehovah's Witnesses having the least percentage of members involved in criminal activity.

34. Hypocritically teaching that the WatchTower Society prohibits class and rank distinctions, prohibits the use of "titles", and teaches that all Jehovah's Witnesses are "brothers" of equal rank, and "sisters" of equal rank, all while also establishing more titles and more ranks than any other organization on planet earth, other than military organizations. 

In the WatchTower Society, a "householder" becomes an "interested person", who becomes a "return visit", who becomes a "regular return visit", who becomes a "bible study", who becomes a "regular bible study", who becomes an "unbaptised publisher", who becomes a "regular unbaptised publisher", who becomes a "publisher", who becomes a "regular publisher", who becomes an "auxiliary pioneer", who becomes a "regular auxiliary pioneer", who becomes a "pioneer", who becomes a "regular pioneer", who becomes a "special pioneer", who if a male, becomes one of a countless number of kinds of "attendants" -- "parking attendants", "security attendants", greeters, "microphone attendants", "sound-system attendants", etc., etc., who then becomes an "assistant magazine servant", who becomes a "magazine servant", who becomes an "assistant literature servant", who becomes a "literature servant", who becomes an "assistant territory servant", who becomes a "territory servant", who becomes a "meeting for field service conductor", who becomes a "ministerial servant", who becomes an "elder", who becomes one of about a dozen different titles whose names have changed since this author was a JW (COBE, Assistant COBE, Coordinator of Bible Studies, Coordinator of Field Territory, Book Study Servant, Ministry School Servant, Service Meeting Servant, WatchTower Study Conductor, WatchTower Study Readers, Assistants for all of the aforementioned, etc.), who becomes one of multiple members of that congregation's corporation -- President, VP, Secretary/ Teasurer, etc. -- who becomes a City Overseer, who becomes a HLC member, who becomes a HLC Coordinator, who becomes one of another half dozen titles associated with the local "Building Committee", who becomes a "Substitute Circuit Overseer", who becomes a "Part-time Circuit Overseer, who becomes a "Circuit Overseer, who eventually becomes the biggest "A$$HOLE" in that state, which qualifies him for transfer to one of the WatchTower society's branch offices, or even one of the multiple administrative, legal, multi-media, farming, manufacturing, etc. facilities which are part of the WatchTower Society's World HQ scattered just outside NYC. There, there are even a greater number of ranks and titles than all of the aforementioned "local" titles and ranks. The fact that this editor can't even recall the exact titles of some positions should tell a reader much about this issue. 

35. Prohibiting females, i.e. "sisters", from serving in any role in the congregation, even temporarily, which might place them over a baptized "male" of any age, including one of their own teenage children or grandchildren, while expecting "wives" and "mothers" to keep the Kinghdom Hall clean, and extremely more significant -- to perform the largest part of the "field service", or door-knocking work. The lives of "females" in the 21st century WatchTower World is not a great deal better than that of 19th century "slaves" in southern America.

36. Hypocritically teaching that Jehovah's Witnesses are the "happiest" people on planet earth while requiring JWs to live in a climate of fear created by cultish authoritarianism.

37. Constantly prodding of its Jehovah's Witness members -- by means of its literature, Kingdom Hall meetings, and its assemblies/conventions to do ever more, more, and even more in the service of the WatchTower Cult -- promoting an atmosphere where many, if not most, Jehovah's Witnesses believe that their best is never good enough, causing depression and even suicide.

38. Repeatedly setting eventually unfulfilled DATES for Armageddon, the Millennium, and/or preliminary and/or related DATES, such as 1874, 1878, 1881, 1909, 1914, 1915, 1917, 1918, 1919, 1920, 1922, 1925, 1932, 1954, 1967, 1975, 1984, 1994, and 2034, WHILE urging the membership to abandon normal living, careers, families, having children, receiving necessary medical and dental care, donating assets to the Cult, etc., etc. -- this often resulting in the ruination of health and family life, as well as creating unemployment and financial hardships

39. Hypocritically teaching Jehovah's Witnesses expressly that "salvation" and "justification" are "free gifts" of "undeserved kindness" from Jehovah, WHILE otherwise constantly and repeatedly implying that salvation and justification must be EARNED by never-ceasing "works" devoted to the never-satisfied WatchTower Cult.

40. Requiring individual Jehovah's Witnesses to submit monthly reports which record their claimed field service activity. That reported field service activity, along with the JW's personal meeting attendance, is used to gauge the "spirituality", and advancement opportunities, for individual JWs. Since the higher are the numbers, the better the local Elders look, and eventually the better the WatchTower Society looks, such reports are submitted under the "honor system". Jehovah's Witnesses effectively are encouraged to LIE on these monthly reports. Once a JWs "learns" that it is alright to LIE to Jehovah, and that there are no immediate consequences, the JW then begins to LIE in other areas of their lives. JWs are taught to LIE during field service; then taught to LIE about field service. Jehovah's Witnesses are among the biggest LIARS on planet earth.

41. Teaching Jehovah's Witnesses that accepting a life-saving blood transfusion is a "sin" because it violates Biblical prohibitions against eating blood as a routine food item. (Eating unbled meat was considered eating blood in the Bible, yet the "punishment" simply was being "unclean" for a few days.)  Blood was treated as sacred solely because it symbolized "life" -- the sacredness of which a blood transfusion will maintained. The WatchTower Cult treats the "symbol" of "life" holier than the thing that it symbolizes -- life.

42. Deceitfully changing the act of accepting a blood transfusion from being a disfellowshipping offense to considering the recipient JW as having "disassociated" themself. Then the WatchTower Cult began telling the media and government officials that they had changed their policy with regard to blood transfusions by no longer disfellowshipping those JWs whom accepted a blood transfusion.

43. Deceitfully forming Hospital Liaison Committees for the alleged purpose of assisting hospitalized Jehovah's Witnesses and their families with "spiritual" matters. In fact, HLCs were formed worldwide to monitor and "spy" on hospitalized Jehovah's Witnesses, their doctors, and nurses and other hospital staff to prevent the Patient and their families from being convinced to accept necessary blood transfusions.

44. Hypocritically fighting tooth and nail for the WatchTower Cult to receive every last morsel of civil rights and liberties afforded them under local, state, national, and international laws and constitutions. Yet, within the WatchTower Cult's own internal law enforcement and judicial mechanism, the WatchTower Cult grants almost nothing to its Jehovah's Witness members. The very same group of elders investigate the alleged offense; decide whether or not to indict/prosecute the accused, prosecute the accused, and then judge the accused. Despite the biblical principle that an accused has the right to face their accuser, probably more than half the time, such never occurs. Jehovah's Witnesses are prohibited from having representation present during the proceedings -- legal or otherwise. Despite the biblical principle that such proceeding are to be conducted publicly, the WatchTower Cult conducts Judicial Hearing completely in secret. Jehovah's Witnesses accused of a "sin" are completely at the mercy of their local Body of Janitors. Their only right is to have the predetermined "guilty" verdict reviewed by their own elders' best friends from the county next door.   

45. While the Bible sets forth the limited number of narrow scenarios when scriptural "divorce" can be granted to a Christian, the WatchTower Cult developed a brand new "broad" scenario called "spiritual endangerment" which is so interpreted as to permit an active Jehovah's Witness to "separate from" and "divorce" their spouse anytime after that spouse decides that they no longer desire to be a member of the WatchTower Cult.    

46. Deceitfully encouraging Jehovah's Witnesses worldwide to monitor, spy, and report on anyone and anything which poses a potential threat to the well-being of the WatchTower Cult, whether the target be a fellow Jehovah's Witness, a former Jehovah's Witness, or a non-JW. 

47. Teaching Jehovah's Witnesses that reporting on a fellow Jehovah's Witness who has secretly "sinned" takes precedence over any law or professional rule requiring "confidentiality"; further teaching Jehovah's Witnesses that if they are caught doing so that they must be ready to suffer the consequences knowing that Jehovah will compensate them according sometime in the future.

48. Repeatedly LYING to and DECEIVING its own Jehovah's Witnesses members attending WatchTower Conventions to lead them to believe that much larger donations were needed to cover convention expenses when in fact convention expenses often had been covered by "parking lot donations" sent in before the convention ever began. This editor has never once heard a JW or former JW report that the literally TENS OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS provided by local governments and/or by local Visitor's Bureaus had been disclosed to the crowd of attendees.

49. Partnering with and becoming the "dupe" of the ACLU in its already ongoing failed campaign to remove displays of patriotism -- reciting the Pledge of Allegiance, etc. -- from schools and other public venues.

50. Requiring there to be TWO WITNESSES to an incident of child molestation before the congregation will remove the perpetrator from its midst.

51. Teaching that the celebration of the seventh day weekly sabbath established by Jehovah at the end of the sixth creative day, and instituted with Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, was itself terminated when the Mosaic Law and its additional festival-related sabbaths were terminated.



Adapted from an older article authored by Frank J. Toth, a Born-Again Christian who formerly worked at both the Canadian and New York world headquarters of the WatchTower Cult.