Understanding that people in 2021 are busy, and don't have hours to spend searching and reading something that might not be what they were looking for, we have tried to accumulate a small library of 10-30 minute long "Christian topic" articles which have been written by "Christians", most of whom are former Jehovah's Witnesses (both converts and reared-ins), who fully understand what it is like to be a former Jehovah's Witness -- both recent and seasoned. These authors are all highly intelligent and highly educated. We have judged our article selections based on the content of these articles -- not on any past or present denominational or idealogical affiliations of the author.

We do NOT include articles whose main purpose is to educate non-JWs on the false teachings of the WatchTower Cult, EXCEPT in those instances where even former JWs themselves do not correctly understand some Cult teachings which impacted their past life, and may even be presently retained to some extent. Additionally, the treatment of certain subjects require comparing and contrasting false WatchTower doctrine. Any exceptions to these scenarios were made for reasons made obvious in the content of that article. Few if any of these readings are "XJW testimonials". You can find lots of those elsewhere.

We also have attempted to include doctrinal articles from the Christian "middle of the road" -- avoiding both extreme conservative and extreme liberal topics and positions. We have tried to be "selective", but we don't endorse every single thought in every single essay, and neither should our visitors. Take what works for you, and leave what does not. You are no longer part of the WatchTower Cult. Some pages have multiple shorter articles, so if you are just browsing, be sure to tab to the bottom of each page.

Our hope simply is to help former Jehovah's Witnesses to understand that Jesus Christ, and His written word, the Holy Bible, are still the answer to all life's problems. We will leave it to the individual and to the Holy Spirit to develop matters further. You can jumpstart the process by getting your Bible and going back and looking up all the Scriptures that you previously skimmed over.

Feel free to drop us an email (below) if you have constructive comments, or if you have the URL to an essay that we should consider adding to our list. We don't provide "personal advice", and neither do we "argue" about "anything". If you don't like a particular essay, then move on to another essay. If you don't like this website, then move on to another website. Life is too short for drama.


Reading List:

WatchTower Society Compared With George Orwell's 1984 Society

Short Combo Xian XJW Theology-Psychology-Autobiography

Help To Acknowledge and Admit That You Were in a Cult

Understanding How and How Much You Were Deceived By the WatchTower Cult

"Comrade JW, Pass the Pravda ... err WatchTower"

Disfellowshipping - Shunning

A Balanced View of Disfellowshipping - Shunning

Disfellowshipping: Is It Biblical?

2021 Study On Effects of Disfellowshipping

Have You Been Spiritually Abused?

Jesus Died For You, Too!

Jesus Christ Can Be Your Mediator, Too!

Even You Can Go To Heaven!

You Can Be Declared "Righteous"!

Salvation By Grace Must Read

Turning Your Life Around

Is The Bible Really God's Word?

Can You Believe The Bible?

The New World Mis-translation

New World Translation Inaccuracies

Scholars Scour New World Translation

Summary of New World Translation Issues

The Jesus of the Bible

The False Jesus of the Cults

The False Jesus of the WatchTower

Realities Facing Some New Christians

Your New Life as a Saved Christian

Living as a True Christian

Christian Life Essays

MORE Living as a True Christian

Christian Living Essays

Life as a Born-Again Follower of Christ

Salvation: Why? How?

New Birth Scriptures

Your Relationship With Jesus Christ

Paul's Gospel or WatchTower's Gospel?

More Salvation - Works

Salvation Scriptures

Multiple Salvation Essays

Salvation: Early Fathers

Works - Legalism

Reconciling Paul and James

Is Prayer Important?

Awaiting the Second Coming Biblically

The Resurrected Jesus Christ

The Resurrection of Jesus Christ

The Diety of Jesus Christ: Scriptures

More Trinity Scriptures

More Trinity

Multiple Trinity Essays

The Holy Spirit: Scriptures Outline

Second Trinity Scriptures Outline

JWs Do Not Understand Nor Properly Use the Name "Jehovah"!

Who is the Alpha and the Omega?

Who is "Jehovah" and "Jesus"?

Jesus is Deity Outline

Even More TRINITY Readings

Long TRINITY Study

WatchTower Deity Beliefs Are "Greek Philosophy"

Active Force or Holy Spirit?

What is Your "Spirit"?

What is Your "Soul"?

"Today, You Will Be With Me in Paradise"

What Did Jesus Say About The Afterlife?

"Soul" - "Sheol/Hades/Hell" In Context

Where Do Your Soul-Spirit Go When You Die?

Soul: JW Prooftexts In Context

Do JWs Teach "Resurrection" or "Replication"?

Problems In The Early Churches

Maintaining Biblical Morality

Who Actually Are "Jehovah's Witnesses"?

Blood Transfusions

I'm a Christian, Now What?

Do Christians Have to Join a Church?

New Christians Should Read the Bible Daily!

Putting Life In Perspective

Jesus' Interaction with Jewish Sects Explained

Great Example of WatchTower Cult Lies and Hypocrisy

You're Out, But Are You Still in "Cult Denial"?

50 Reasons the WatchTower Will Remain a Cult

Causes of Mental Health Problems Amongst Jehovah's Witnesses

Mental Health Problems of Jehovah's Witnesses

"We are NOT a Cult!!!" - "We are NOT a Cult!!!"

Printable One-Page Scripture Rich Doctrinal Handout

Witnessing To Witnesses

JWs and Cognitive Dissonance

Jehovah's Witnesses: The "Revolving-Door Religion"

SUPERB Book of Job Summary

The Slippery Slope of "Tolerance"


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